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Swedish Massage

A Massage that incorporates long fluid strokes of varying depth and pressure to increase circulation as it relieves tension and improves muscle tone.

30 Minute - $35

60 Minute - $55

90 Minute - $75

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is a more intensive form of Swedish massage. It is designed to reach the deepest tissue structure of the body. This technique is used to release chronic muscle tension with more direct deep pressure.

30 Minute - $35

60 Minute - $55

90 Minute - $75

Soothe Your Body Massage

Your choice of aromatherapy and hot moist towels. This Swedish Massage will melt away all the stresses of the day.

60 Minute - $65

90 Minute - $85

Soothe Your Mind Massage

A heavenly scalp, face and neck massage. Helps relieve migraines, sinus pressure and loosens neck muscles. 

30 Minute - $36

60 Minute - $55

Soothe Your Sole Massage

This lower leg and foot massage integrates reflexology with a soothing foot massage. Helps relieve sore, tired feet.

30 Minute - $35

60 Minute - $55

Hot Stone Massage

A unique massage that uses heated river stones that allow the heat to penetrate deep into the muscles for a therapeutic effect and deep relaxation.

60 Minute - $65

90 Minute - $85

Ionic Detox Foot Bath

The Ionic Cleanse detox machine is a high-tech water detoxification system that facilitates the body's ability to heal itself. The machine is a water foot-bath that utilizes steel electrodes, which cleans, balances, and enhances bio-energy, A vital force present in the body's fluids. It is an effective, safe, non-invasive, and painless way to help your body detoxify naturally.

30 Minute - $30

Cold Stone Massage for Migraines and Sinus

If you get Migraines or have sinus problems try this awesome stone massage. A three step process:



Cold Stones.

This regime dramatically reduces the pressure and pain that accompanies migraines and many different types of headaches.

50 Minute - $55

Couples Massage

Come enjoy a relaxing massage with a loved one or a friend! It's a great way to experience services together. You can enjoy your massage side by side in the same room or just have a massage at the same time in separate rooms.

60 Minute - $110

90 Minute - $150

Pregnancy Massage

A gentle nurturing massage to help relieve lower back pain and aching legs. Recommended for second and third trimester.

30 Minute - $35

60 Minute - $55

Cupping With Massage

Cupping is an ancient therapy that is still popular today. When applied to the skin, suction is created which draws an increase in blood to an area of injury or imbalance. Cupping draws toxins out of the body and helps maintain good health. We will start out with regular massage then do the cupping.

60 Minute - $65

90 Minute - $85

Raindrop Thechnique

Raindrop technique was created by Gary Young founder of Young Living Essential Oils. This technique involves applying 9 different Young Living Therapeutic grade essential oils along the feet, spine and neck. There are numerous benefits of the Raindrop Technique.

Balance and re-align the energy centers of the body.

Reduce stress and minor anxiety

Aid the body's natural response to irritation and injury.

Ease occasional muscle, bone and joint discomfort.

Improve immune system functions 

Help detox the body systems.

Along with the therapeutic oils we do some energy work, light massage on the back and finish the session with warm moist towels and some stretching of the head and legs.

60 Minute - $70

Ashiatsu Oriental Bar Therapy

A barefoot massage technique using deep compression effleurage strokes that glide over the body. This technique is a deep relaxing treatment. Bars are used above the head for support and balance.

60 Minute - $70

90 Minute - $90